Beyond The Gram

The type of protein you consume is more important than how much.

A walk through the grocery store and you quickly see how often grams of proteins are stamped on the side of packaging. How much is enough? Six grams? 12 grams? 24? It’s easy to get caught up in a game of counting and never seeing real results.

This is because, depending on your health goals, the kinds of protein you consume are often more important than how much. Understanding the source of your protein and knowing how different types of protein may have different effects is always the first place to begin.

And it is also interesting to note that whey/plant protein blends are not as effective as just whey for muscle protein synthesis, for example. This has been tested with pea and wheat, even when given at a higher dose than whey proteins.1, 2 When you want the strong inside, to keep or build your lean body mass, and remain active and strong throughout the day, look for proteins from milk on the ingredient labels. 

1 Phillips, S. 2017. Current Concepts and Unresolved Questions in Dietary Protein Requirements and Supplements in Adults. Frontiers in Nutrition (4):13.

2 Mathia, JK, et al. 2017 Values for digestible indispensable amino acid scores (DIAAS) for some dairy and plant proteins may better describe protein quality than values calculated using the concept for protein digestibility-corrected amino acid scores (PDCCAS). Br J Nutri 117:490-499.