Finding Milk Proteins

Proteins from milk provide the strong inside many products.

Workout warriors are familiar with the proteins from milk found in many recovery drinks and shakes. But everyone can enjoy the many benefits of whey and casein in a variety of forms.


Check the ingredients on your go-to granola or protein bar. You may find it’s already packed with whey or casein, depending on the brand or function. Many meal replacement bars are fortified with hunger-fighting casein or muscle-building whey protein. Understanding the form of protein you’re consuming can be more important than just the number of grams.

Drinks, Smoothies & Shakes

You don’t have to settle for a sugar-packed drink at the convenience store. Look for milk protein-enriched drinks that contain whey, casein, or milk protein concentrates and isolates. Quench your thirst and fight hunger at the same time.

Powders & Supplements

Whey, casein, milk protein isolate and concentrate powders are a great way to strengthen your diet with protein at home. Mix powders into drinks, waffles, oatmeal or anyplace else you can imagine to get the same strong inside benefits of proteins from milk.