Strong Comes From the Goodness of Milk

Strong Comes From The Goodness Of Milk

The tried and true of proteins from milk.

We’ve long known that milk does a body good. And many of our earliest memories come with a tall, cold glass of milk somewhere in the picture. We even immediately connect the calcium in milk to the strong bones we need to grow and thrive. But all along it was the proteins in milk that gave us all we needed to succeed. Milk gave us the strong muscles to go with the bones, and the energy and support to get through those long days of school or at the job. 

Milk has been proven to deliver time after time after time. Now, the proteins from milk are delivering on that promise of milk goodness in more products than ever, from bars to shakes to powders to many others. Milk proteins like whey provide superior muscle growth from the amino acid leucine. And for slow-burning, hunger-fighting results, the milk protein casein is your go-to choice. Milk protein concentrates and isolates contain both whey and casein in the same ratio as found in milk.